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Always thought that you were as cold as Satoshi? As obsessive as Krad? Sweet as Daisuke? Well, here's the chance to see what other people think of you! This rating community was created to so each answer is for you to think out and answer so it applies to you personally, and not to a general group of people. Unlike online "quizzes", the character you will be voted as will be based on your, and -only- your personality. Therefore, please try and answer each question as honestly as you can so we can stamp you as the correct character!


Please read through all of these carefully before submitting an application!

* Applications should always be placed under lj-cuts! If you don't know how to do this, please refer to this page.
* Please attempt to sound reasonably intelligent! Grammar and spelling mistakes are tolerable when they happen occasionally, but if you're misspelling every other word in your application, people are bound to skip it and head to more legible applications. A quick read-over of your application will allow you to find your typos, and it only takes a second. Please refrain from the netspeak/l33t, too.
* Again, this community was not created to simulate a shallow online quiz. Do not try to cheat on your answers to get a certain character - this defeats the purpose of a rating community! These are other people's votes, not your own. Also, don't put up monosyllabic answers to the questions. Elaborate, and your votes will hit much closer to home.
* Before or immediately after posting your application, please vote for at least six other members.
* After six votes or ten days - which ever comes first, you will be stamped by one of the mods. If you disagree with the character you were stamped as, please wait at least two weeks until resubmitting your application. You may only resubmit an application once.
* Please, don't start any fights. This is a rating community, not a flaming board. Common courtesy is a given.
* In order to prove to the mods that you've taken the time to read through the rules, please type "into the white darkness" in the subject line of your application. If this is not done, we will prompt you to go back and read the rules. If you don't edit it in after three days, your application will be deleted.
* For the voters, please make sure your vote is bolded. It's nice for the applicant if you explain the reasoning for your vote. If you are truly undecided on who to vote a person as, you are allowed to vote for up to two characters. Others may be mentioned, but only two that you bold will be counted towards stamping.
* If you want to affiliate, please leave a comment here.


Stamped Members;;

A list of stamped members can be found here. An updated list (and character list) is here.


_cosmo_canyon_ (Final Fantasy)
_dothack_rating (.hack//)
_zelda_rating (Zelda)
4gods_sorting (Fushigi Yuugi gods)
ac_shadow (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)
air_rating (AIR)
animanga_mirror (Anime/Manga)
alice_rating (Gakuen Alice)
balamb_rating (Final Fantasy VIII)
bebop_rating (Cowboy Bebop)
bleach_mirror (Bleach)
ceres_ratings (Ayashi no Ceres)
champloo_rating (Samurai Champloo)
chrno_rating (Chrno Crusade)
clamp_rating (CLAMP's works)
clampxxxholic (xxxHolic)
clow_ratings (CardCaptor Sakura)
dk_stamping (Dragon Knights)
dn_rating (Death Note)
eene_ratings (Ed, Edd 'n Eddy)
elfen_rating (Elfen Lied)
es21_rating (Eyeshield21)
eureka7_rating (Eureka Seven)
filgaia_rating (Wild ARMs)
ff_rating (Final Fantasy)
ff_reflection (Final Fantasy)
fm_rating (Full Moon wo Sagashite)
fm_a_rating (Full Metal Alchemist)
fma_mirror (Full Metal Alchemist)
fmp_rating (Full Metal Panic)
fuyu_rating (Fushigi Yuugi)
gargoyle_rating (Gargoles)
gash_rating (Gash Bell)
gb_rating (Get Backers)
grave_rating (Gungrave)
gravirating (Gravitation)
gw_rating (Gundam Wing)
gx_rating (Yugioh! GX)
hagaren_rating (Fullmetal Alchemist)
hanakimimatches (Hanakimi matches)
hero_rating (Super heroes)
hmc_stamp (Howl's Moving Castle)
hp_ratings (Harry POtter))
ir_rating (Immortal Rain)
iz_rating (Invader Zim)
kacl (Frasier)
kanon_rating (Kanon)
kero_rating (Keroro Gunsou)
keybladerating (Kingdom Hearts)
kh_counterpart (Kingdom Hearts)
kkj_rating (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne)
knm_rating (Kannazuki no Miko)
kof_rating (King of Fighters)
magicgirlrating (Magical Girl)
mahoro_rating (Mahoromatic)
marmaladerating (Marmalade Boy)
mliebe_rating (Meine Liebe)
minekura_rating (Kazuya Minekura's works)
mirror_animate (Animated character)

monsterrating (Monster characters)
morphs_rating (Animorphs)
nakama_ratings (One Piece)
naruto_rating (Naruto)
negima_rating (Negima)
neoneva_rating (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
nerima_rating (Ranma 1/2)
ninjafy (Naruto)
nightshade_rate (Tim Burton girls)
nyo_ratings (Digi Charat)
of_fantasy (Old fantasy films)
ojamajo_rating (Ojamajo Doremi)
ouran_stampingz (Ouran Koukou Host Club)
outlawstarrated (Outlaw Star)
parakiss_rating (Paraside Kiss)
pitaten_rating (Pitaten)
pmkrating (Peacemaker Kurogane)
pokemontwinn (Pokemon)
pottergirls (Harry Potter girls)
pretear_ratings (Pretear)
raburesu_rating (Loveless)
re_females (Resident Evil females)
re_monsters (Resident Evil monsters)
rent_stamping (RENT)
residenterating (Resident Evil)
rk_ratings (Rurouni Kenshin)
rvb_rating (Red vs Blue)
samurai7rating (Samurai 7)
scryed_rating (s-CRY-ed)
sdc_rating (Shinshi Doumei Cross)
seed_mirror (Gundam SEED/Destiny)
senkai_rating (Houshin Engi)
shaman_rating (Shaman King)
sinful_ (Seven Sins)
sinful_rating (Fullmetal Alchemist Sins)
sp_rating (South Park)
spiral_ratings (Spiral ~Suiri no Kizuna~)
sr_rating (School Rumble)
ta_rating (Thousand Arms)
tactics_rating (Tactics)
tekken_rating (Tekken)
tenimyu_rating (Prince of Tennis Musical)
tenipair_rating (Prince of Tennis Pair)
tenipuri_rating (Prince of Tennis)
trueduelist (Yu-Gi-Oh! DM)
tsubasa_mirror (Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE)
tt_ratings (Teen Titans)
udeden_rating (.hack//DUSK)
ulmaniac_rating (Ultra Maniac)
vm_rating (Veronica Mars)
weiss_rating (Weiß Kreuz)
x_rating (X/1999)
xiaolinrating (Xiaolin Showdown)
xmenevo_rating (X-Men Evolution)
yasha_rating (Inu Yasha)
ynm_rating (Yami no Matsuei)
yuki_rating (Kaori Yuki's works)
yuyu_rating (Yu Yu Hakusho)
zelda_rating (Zelda)

stamping_comms (Link Listing)


Have fun!

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